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Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.    
Kenneth E. Boulding 
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) 
Irish CHP Association Web Site - An overview of CHP technology (viewed 11/29/2006)  
Climate Energy Micro CHP for electricty generation and forced air space heating - A micro CHP system based on a Honda internal combustion engine which runs on naturas gas. The system would replace a natural gas furnace in an individual household. This version includes only a warm air system, but future versions are intended to include hot water heating. 
Marathon Engine Systems Micro CHP - Another micro CHP system based on an ICE generator which is designed to replace a home furnace. This product is market ready. They quote prices (I'ts not cheap, however). 
Microgen Stirling Engine CHP - A Stirling Engine based micro CHP system. Not market ready. Supposed to be available in Europe in 2007. 
Whispergen Stirling Engine Micro CHP - Another Stirling engine based micro CHP system. A DC version of this product intended for marine applications is already on the market. The AC version intended to replace home furnaces will probably not be available until 2007. 
Stirling Danmark Micro CHP - Yet another Stirling engine micro CHP system. This one is designed to run on solid biofuels (e.g. wood pellets).  
Stirling Power Module Energieumwandlungs GmbH - Another Stirling engine micro CHP systems that runs on wood pellets. (Viewed 02/03/2008) 
Turboden Organic Rankine Cycle biomass  CHP system - A CHP system based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC is similar to a steam turbine except that it uses an organic fluid as the working substance rather than water). These are small systems (500kWe to 1500KWe) compared to untility scale systems, but are much larger than the household scaled units described in the links above. (Viewed 02/03/2008) 
Distributed Generation 
SEMA electric motor for high efficiency eletrical generation from distributed power sources - A highly efficient new type of electric motor that can help to improve the efficiency of generation from small distributed electrical generation systems. (Viewed 11/29/2006) 
Stirling Cryocoolers 
Qdrive Acoustic Cryocooler - A cryocooler for laboratory applcations based on an acoustic Stirling engine. (Viewed 11/29/2006) 
Sunpower Free Piston Cryocooler - A cryocooler for laboratory applications based on Sunpowers free piston linear compressor Stirling design. (Viewed 11/29/2006) 
The real science of political economy, which has yet to be distinguished from the bastard science, as medicine from witchcraft, and astronomy from astrology, is that which teaches nations to desire and labor for the things that lead to life; and which teaches them to scorn and destroy the things which lead to destruction. 
John Ruskin
Roger Brown