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Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.    
Kenneth E. Boulding 
On a Green Mountain - An account of a visit to Masanobu Fukuoka's farm in Japan. Masanobu Fukuoka practices a form of agriculture in which he does not plow the soil, pull weeds, or use chemical fertilizers or pesticide. He does not even use prepared compost. He claims to get yields which equal or surpass those of his chemical using neighors. 
Bill Mollison Interview - Bill Mollison along with David Holmgren invented the term permaculture from the words permanent agriculture. They published two books, Permaculture 1 and Permaculture 2, which have become the fountainhead of a popular movement organized under this name. This link points to the text of an interview of Mollison by Scott London which appeared on the radio series Insight & Outlook in 2001. 
Cattle  as Part of Prarie Ecosystem - Grass fed cattle can be part of a sustainable eco-system. Praries do not lose topsoil like plowed corn fields. Humans cannot eat grass of so that the cattle can convert this biomass in to usefull food. This article claims that proper cattle management on the prairie can increase productivity per acre while increasing the ecosystem health.  
Dryland Farming Without Mechanical Irrigation - An example of the efficient water use techniques for food production. 
Integrated Food and Waste Management System - This article contains a description of a complex polyculture food production system devised by a Chinese scientist. The system used very low imputs of chemical fertizlizer or fossil fuels. The article suggests that such systems can obtain higher absolute yields than mechanized, chemicallly intensive farming at the cost of much higher human labor input. Monitoring Scheme for Food Production Sustainability Progress - This web site contains information about what they call holistic management  which they say 'works to create simultaneous personal, social, economic, and ecological benefit, rather pursuing benefit for one element at cost to another'. This particular page dicusses a graphical tool for monitoring progress of a food production system toward sustainability.  
Northern Tree Crops - This is paper about potential tree food crops for northern climates. The paper claims that tree crops can be grown with significantly lower energy inputs than traditional agricultral row crops. In addition tree crops can often be grown sucessfully on land that is marginal for traditional agriculture.                                                                                                                              
Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network - This is a listing of useful tree species with information about their cultivation. Sustainable Forestry Page - This web page contains some interesting articles about sustainable forestry manangement. 
Grassroots Restoration: Holistic Management for Villages   - This is an excellent E-book describig holistic management practices for sustainable economic activity at the village level. 
The real science of political economy, which has yet to be distinguished from the bastard science, as medicine from witchcraft, and astronomy from astrology, is that which teaches nations to desire and labor for the things that lead to life; and which teaches them to scorn and destroy the things which lead to destruction. 
John Ruskin
Roger Brown